Sieger (Obando) Ten Afghan policemen and one child were killed, local officials said.
Zimm (Aura im Sinngrund) Three civilians were killed and three wounded in a dispute over land on the outskirts of Kabul, police said.
Loli (Vanadzor) Coalition forces have to deal with powerful warlords in their fight against the Taliban insurgents.
Stepnowski (Amizour) A car is destroyed by U.S.
Barthold (Rosemount) Where were you when you heard about the 9/11 attacks?
Chroman (Novokizhinginsk) Bush's expression changed when his chief of staff whispered in his ear.
Strauch (Cernay-les-Reims) In my case, it was the Reuters office we worked out of during my time in Paris.
Gurganious (Gulzow) The U.S. has begun withdrawing some of its 100,000 troops and will send home 33,000 by the end of next year.
Kleinsasser (Kibaya) Embassy in Kabul held a memorial service to mark the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.
Baseman (Omachi) On Sunday, the U.S.
Evanchalk (Cheddington) The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.
Cones (Araras) The insurgent movement also stressed that it had no role in the Sept. 11 attacks.
Lubawy (Port-Vila) The deputy head of the Israeli mission remained in Egypt to maintain diplomatic contacts with the authorities.
Pruette (Levroux) The six guards followed later.
Readenour (Steckborn) Cooper, again to boos, landed the penalty with points hard earned in the swirling wind.
Gaymon (Mangoso) And James Paterson gave the fans reason to celebrate with a successful penalty 10 minutes into the second half.
Rutten (Pettenasco) In June, Lee said unification won't take such a long time but did not elaborate.
Lesuer (Gladzor) The unification ministry said an Internet broadcasting channel would begin operating around September 26.
Maenpaa (Buanza) If we were to head straight for South Africa, that would see us becalmed and we could sit there for weeks.
Demarino (South Palm Beach) The army says more than 3,000 soldiers have died battling them since.
Poetter (Canova) Investigations against them are ongoing.
Kleen (Belmont-sur-Lausanne) Radiation fears became a feature of daily life after cases of contaminated water, beef, vegetables, tea and seafood.
Deeb (Maria de Huerva) As the sirens wailed out, they folded their hands and prayed.
Duane (Tura) People in Manila left roses for the victim who helped give them homes.
Ventors (Choisy-au-Bac) We played a good first half and the second half we drew a blank.
Croteau (Uceda) We're not ready mentally to win on the road.
Rothermel (Colima) It's frustrating, of course, and not normal.
Longman (Pukalani) I still think we're good enough to pick up wins.
Otutaha (Gonda) He was held below 100 yards rushing for the first time in his career as a starter, though.
Sebo (Cajnice) No one has to watch, no company has to pay.
Muran (Nim ka Thana) The pipeline that blew, was over fifty years old and not welded/maintained diligently.
Scifres (Cedarhurst) I don't know where to start over.
Durgin (Nancy) The fire started Wednesday along U.S.
Chadsey (Zhezkent) The blaze has burned 64 buildings.
Brotemarkle (Ognevka) But now fans in L.A will have to wait another few years for all the bullshit.
Gerguson (Chalais) And they would still come on the top.
Blankenbeckle (Staro Nagorichane) There is no bonds involved. 100% private funding.
Stimpert (Laguna Salada) They broke the ground.
Egitto (Alabel) Why did they wait so long before announcing that they are interested in building a stadium in L.A.
Weik (North York) Supporters say the project will not start unless the city can lure a professional football team.
Ouellete (Adlkofen) They wanted an explanation and accountability for the losses they had suffered.
Brinlee (Iki-Burul) This reality has made it confusing and difficult for plaintiffs, many of whom sought more than financial compensation.
Riesenweber (Jiaozhou) The cases were eventually consolidated into four master cases, all overseen by U.S.
Muhlbach (Ukholovo) That realization began a decade of work on behalf of the cleanup workers.
Rafael (Orio al Serio) Then it occurred to me that those are people who aren't too likely to move here.
McGuffee (Carrollton) Most of you appear to just write anything no matter what the subject of the article is.
Wolter (Camares) Think about what you are saying before you say it.
Reichert (Pearl) Some lost a little, some lost everything, including numerous dogs.
Fitzke (Bahla') Yes, they are alive, but are hurting horribly.
Seibt (Angola) Some of my friends lost everything to these fires around Amarillo.
Murga (Veltheim (Kreis 5) / Blumenau) It is always a very trying & stressful time when things happen.
Nederostek (Belleu) Please give consideration to those whose suffered lose and be mature in your comments.
Sagal (Parona) The fire would cross a road and in seconds , and I mean seconds, the house was fully involved with fire and on the ground.
Hollifield (Ashti) How is a pet owner going to save anything?
Bicklein (Braunsbach) It didn't give the firefighters much time to even see where the fire was going, much less save some of the homes.
Cuccia (Krasnyy Profintern) Often, volunteers don't get the credit they deserve, especially from paid departments and firefighters.
Langon (San Jose Miahuatlan) What's the hottest field right now?
Angotti (Svinita) It said it had a plane, three helicopters and four boats searching for them.
Biddleman (Tubinskiy) But there had been no communication since.
Fasciano (Tubli) Forecasters said the storm could be near hurricane strength when it approaches the coast Sunday.
Wareham (Bad Iburg) The atom bomb spies were all Jews.
Berenschot (Albavilla) Only after they torture them first of course!!!
Lassere (Kirov) They hang them high !!!!
Zakutney (San Potito Sannitico) Just remember boys and girls.
Gasiorowski (Manticao) The generation that founded Israel learned a hard lesson.
Daughtery (Buende) Please sign in to rate this comment down. 7 users disliked this comment E.Z.F.
Giffith (Rensselaer) Increased use of emergency laws is likely to anger many.
Woudenberg (Tsiombe) The deterioration with Egypt comes as Israel has also been hit by a major downturn in ties with longtime Turkey.
Malden (Chirac) Calls have even grown in Egypt for ending the historic 1979 peace treaty with Israel.
Contreas (Lincoln) The military nearly pulled Egypt's ambassador to Israel in protest.
Veltre (Woodinville) Mass protests flares in Cairo, demanding the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador.
Kores (Bezopasnoye) Last month, a man scaled the embassy building, took down Israel's flag and replaced it with Egypt's.
Tofte (Pietrari) Under Mubarak, displays of hostility to Israel were crushed by force.
Grohmann (Bertea) Police and soldiers fired shots in the air and tear gas to disperse the crowd, which replied with stones.
Adhami (Konz) He urged lawmakers to act “right away” on the program.
Lyberger (Schelklingen) It was the weakest reading of the data since September 2010.
Bouch (Vaexjoe) The greenback declined 1.2 percent.
Cuzick (Niederhelfenschwil) One Canadian dollar buys $1.0033.
Fortgang (Zavolzh'ye) It was the biggest drop since the five days ended Aug. 5.
Granes (Seini) The intelligence community works with law enforcement to confirm tips.
Tempest (Nueva Jalapa) The lawmaker praised the administration of U.S.
Shorey (Malsice) Several streets in the area will be closed during the weekend.
Gelger (Ianca) Officers will increase vehicle checks and monitoring of bridges and tunnels, Kelly said.
Ciulla (Kanasin) A trial is scheduled to begin Oct. 31.
Shearing (Zaozhuang) The securities lost as much as 99 percent of their value soon after they were issued, the investors wrote.
Buford (Khrenovoye) The plaintiffs knew that in part because some of them are also being sued over the same claims, the defendant banks argued.
Sauseda (Pullman) A week earlier, U.S.
Bucklew (Malambo) The securities at issue in those cases total $196 billion.
Giger (Patulul) The defendant banks argued the housing collapse, rather than any misrepresentation on their part, caused investor losses.
Macbride (Ban Houayxay) The banks, however, have a court ruling on their side that may help fend off such blockbuster cases.
Yankovitz (Villenbach) Exports to the nation climbed 30 percent from a year earlier, the most since March.
Pisicchio (Beccles) The bank forecasts the economy will expand 9 percent for the full year, five times the pace of the U.S. and euro area.
Likar (Voda Dragos) The median forecast was for $24.6 billion after a gap of $31.5 billion in July that was the highest in more than two years.
McCague (Barton under Needwood) The gain in exports was higher than 27 out of 29 estimates in a separate poll.
Shelpman (Corralillo) Movements in fiscal deposits by the finance ministry are also affecting the data, they say.
Gannett (El Guapinol) For the most famous construction site in the U.S., the plans showed surprisingly little creativity or forethought.
Bazata (Voyskovitsy) In fact, the first attempt at such a plan had to be completely scrapped.
Mazzucco (Swoyersville) After 9/11, it took nearly a year and a half for the city to even decide upon a rebuilding plan.
Porrello (Schenklengsfeld) The site has suffered repeated delays, budget overruns, design changes and several serious lawsuits.
Barch (Sankt Martin) If everything goes according to plan, the site won't be finished until 2016.

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