Marovich (Saint-Georges-du-Bois) I switched off the movie but curiosity got the better of me and I decided to watch more, so I rewound to the beginning.
Bohnet (Antibes) The tape started with 2 guys walking along the beach.
Dupas (Indian Hills) One was holding the camera and the other was talking to him.
Fagerstrom (Mirabel-aux-Baronnies) They were talking about finding some women to interview.
Laviero (Iksal) Eventually they stopped and focused in on 2 bikini clad women who were sunbathing together on the sand.
Cerda (Casaleone) They introduced themselves as Tom and Samuel and asked if the ladies wanted to help out.
Fitcheard (Bad Munder am Deister) Whilst they were answering the questions the camera tended to focus on Gina's large bust and Mel's stomach.
McCorkindale (Bedi) They all entered the complex and they appeared to be showing identification to the guys and were filling in forms.
Ambroziak (Sombor) Tom suggested that the ladies should strip and show the camera what they had to show.
Prestley (Santo Nino) I was no longer surprised as I watch as they simply started removing their clothes without hesitation!
Amemiya (Saint-Pierre-de-Plesguen) In contrast my Melanie's tits were small but solid and were certainly enjoying the attention.
Straface (Fort Walton Beach) The contrast between my slim and strong wife against her larger and softer friend was quite erotic.
McSpadden (Makrinitsa) Tom then suggested that Gina go down on Mel's pussy to which Gina needed no second instruction.
Shehane (Vilar de Andorinho) She was in between Mel's legs in a flash and to my surprise Mel just opened her legs to allow greater access.
Schmid (Fair Lawn) As I sat watching this I was switching from curiosity to anger to absolute bliss!
Dauterive (Bron) As she began to lower her pussy to Mel's face I thought that this is just so good.
Walstad (Sada) BUT, all of a sudden Mel raised her hand to Gina's inner thigh and pushed it away.
Skepple (Caseda) It was then explained by the Tom that the ladies had decided that they were going to take things a bit further.
Newquist (Wervik) The girls were then told to undress and kneel down on the floor at the front of the bed.
Ellingson (East Porterville) They were then blindfolded using the straps from the bathrobes that they had just removed.
Gilchrest (Frodsham) Then in came a guy who must have been 60yo who looked like he was generally disinterested in what was happening.
Barsh (Bugarama) He was introduced as Max and was told to stand in front of the 2 ladies.
Jafek (Castanuelas) He undressed in front of the camera and revealed a cock that looked like it had no stud qualities at all!
Frechette (Trinidad) The ladies were then told to remove their blindfolds so that they were faced with their stud.
Barsegyan (Rataje) As soon as the blindfold was off Gina reached out and began stroking the cock that confronted her.
Oneel (Palpa) The camera was focused on Gina giving head to the now expanded cock.
Willens (Dusa Marreb) As the camera pulled back I could see Mel just watching her friend juicing up the cock.
Loske (Ventimiglia di Sicilia) Suddenly a figure of a man positioned himself in front Mel next to the camera.
Sweatfield (Zhuji) The second thing I noticed was the largest cock I had ever seen even whilst it was just semi hard.
Quisenberry (Saint-Meen-le-Grand) It must have been at least 7 inches long and as think as a small child's wrist before it was even fully at attention!
Yanacek (Ernestinovo) There was a sense of anticipation as the blindfold was removed from Mel's eyes.
Slappy (Montemiletto) It was so obvious that she was very into her task and that this was no chore that she was being asked to perform.
Lagergren (Delmar) Even from a distance I was able to see the moisture between her pussy lips.
Deschamps (Linselles) Straight away Mel let out a small squeal and clamped her knees around his ears!
Yundt (Leeston) I had never seen her so hot and unreserved!
Overbaugh (Qibya) As he stood over her his black cock jutted out like a baseball bat ready to hit a home run.
Rafla (Bjorkelangen) He spat on the tip and positioned it at the entrance to my wife's pussy.
Spomer (Varrel) I was hoping like hell that she would suddenly tell him to stop but I was also loving the scene!
Picozzi (Marsabit) As he pushed forward Mel propped herself up on her elbows to watch the invasion of this black meat into her white pussy.
Gieringer (Morciano di Romagna) It was obvious that it was hurting her so much that she was on the border of agony and ecstasy.
Stough (Ramnagar) Next he pulled out and demanded that Gina get down and give his cock some mouthing.
Ellingsworth (Vrbovec) He laughed at Mel's juices that had coated his cock, which now were to be cleaned by her best friend.
Debenedetto (Pisticci) She faced the camera and began to lower her self onto his length.
Janysek (Villanueva de Alcardete) It was also too much for Gina who promptly started to play with his balls and give her pussy the occasional lick!
Abboud (Banka) This was just too much for me too; I took my own cock out and gave it a few strokes before I was cumming into my own hand.
Diskin (Okene) On the other hand this guy on the screen had great staying power.
Mashore (Saint-Genies-des-Mourgues) She turned around without being told and began to suck the cock that was giving her so much pleasure.
Studyvance (Rothenburg) He then told her to position herself for some doggy action.
Terlecki (Easingwold) He also told Gina to get under her cause he wanted his balls licked as he ploughed his new conquest.
Wojtowicz (White Castle) He then fired his cock into Mel's pussy in one hard stroke causing her to scream in ecstasy!

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