Runquist (Angier) I started to read the stories to her in bed and we always had really hot sex, when I did.
Mennella (Albuzzano) I tried to get my wife to let me find a lover for her, but she always said no.
Wraight (Garla-Mare) I kept trying until eventually my persistence paid off and she let me place an ad in an adult contact magazine.
Scranton (Gudja) We got a few replies that weren't worth answering, then we got one from a guy who was good looking and sounded great.
Scollard (Chusovoy) We decided to meet him and I rang, to invite him over the following weekend.
Macpartland (North Patchogue) I stepped outside and had a joint; I came back in about 40 minutes later.
Vanharlingen (Edenbridge) The sight that greeted me was incredible.
Cleland (Divernon) All I could say was wow and I sat in the chair to watch.
Fuss (Hotarele) After he ate her pussy for a while, they exchanged places.
Lanz (River Forest) I watched and played with my rock hard cock, while she sucked and played with his.
Muzyka (La Coquille) I took all my clothes off and suggested we would be more comfortable in the bedroom.
Macartney (Bouvignies) Him and I took turns eating her pussy and she sucked both our cocks.
Zeidman (Concordia) There is nothing like the feeling of watching your wife suck another guy's cock and to see him eat and play with her pussy.
Ho (Caspe) My fantasy was coming true, but one thing was spoiling it for me, he was so damn hairy!
Bertolini (Amplepuis) I know I shouldn't have been so fussy, but it was really putting me off, so much so that I couldn't stay hard.
Hulings (Homa Bay) I tried to make excuses, like maybe I didn't want him to fuck her, after all.
Iller (Cerreto Laziale) After he had gone, I explained to my wife how I really felt and we had the most amazing sex.
Obert (Santo Domingo) We received a few more replies, but none were worth meeting.
Walke (Moncion) I was beginning to think my fantasy wasn't going to happen, when my wife suggested we should try meeting a couple.
Rettig (Buenavista) The first time we met them, I explained all about my fantasy and what I really wanted.
Clukey (Maneglise) I didn't find his wife attractive and I was more turned on by watching the way he kissed my wife goodbye, when they left.
Ruddock (Mahroni) They would even have some terrible arguments with us there, so we decided it would be better not to see them any more.
Michello (Voerde) I was amazed how many there were and how many guys felt the same way I did.
Wetherald (Beclean) I bought some for my wife, telling her their meaning and she wore them for me.
Garwood (Guadalupe y Calvo) I began to think there was still a chance after all.
Covill (Jesenik nad Odrou) I found a few adult contact sites on the net and convinced my wife to let me try advertising on some of them.
Drude (Hongjiang) I advertised on two of them, with a very hot photo of my wife and what I wanted.
Piacquadio (Kpandu) I was very specific and I started getting a lot of replies.
Motes (Velke Bilovice) Some of them looked good, but there were other problems, like their wife not knowing what they were doing.
Skipworth (Herentals) I didn't want to have the problems of a jealous wife to deal with.
Brincefield (Qusrah) As each week passed, my enthusiasm became less and less.
Bunton (Garges-les-Gonesse) Being self employed and working from home, I manage to have a lot of free time on my hands.
Recchia (Moncalieri) When I pick her up, I will often tease her by asking if any sexy guys pinched her bum today.
Stoker (Takedamachi) A few weeks back, I dropped her off to do the shopping.
Zatorski (Kilburn) As usual, she rang to be picked up, when she was finished.
Celaya (Pavlovsk) Her voice sounded different on the phone and I wondered what was going on.
Macabeo (Eleele) We were loading the groceries into the car and I asked her about any sexy guys pinching her bum.
Angerman (Merisani) She said to wait until we'd finished loading the groceries and we were in the car.
Bligen (Nelson Bay) As she got closer to him, he asked if she would help him with some advice.
Kisner (Maimbung) He thanked her for her help and she went back to her shopping, thinking nothing more of it.
Loynd (Todiresti) She was going to say no, but then she heard my voice saying go for it.
Lueck (Santa Maria del Tule) After going through the register, she found him and he paid for two cappuccinos.
Raddatz (Bangor) My wife loves to tease and she asked him what he hoped it meant.
Furuta (Ashland) He said that to some people, it meant that the husband liked the wife to play around with other guys.
Grinner (Louth) Although a little embarrassed, she was really enjoying herself and asked what he meant by playing around.
Kur (Benton Heights) She told him that was what it meant to me, but up until now, she hadn't done anything about it.
Ruscitti (San Lucas Ojitlan) He told her that he was sick of take away food and decided he was going to do something about it.
Levandofsky (Lebach) She said that she would be interested, but would have to talk it over with me.
Clacher (Cowdenbeath) They swapped phone numbers and that was when she had rung me, to be picked up.
Ceglinski (East Norriton) We arrived home and took the groceries into the kitchen.

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