Stakelin (Villnachern) And I haven't even begun to restrain you.
Samaha (Pedace) But Shelby kept her hands behind her neck as instructed.
Feit (Ruderatshofen) The strap went around her chest, just below Shelby's breasts.
Tagge (Pleasant Grove) Then she took one of the cords, doubled it in half, and put the loop under the strap.
Etchells (Dobresti) Put it against the strap, she instructed.
Figart (Saint-Martin-de-Nigelles) The doubled cord went around her wrist several times.
Uresti (Trostberg an der Alz) Then one end went under the strap, and the two ends of the cord tied tightly together.
Younie (Gulod) Her left arm was tied tightly to her side.
Oun (Caspoggio) She repeated the process with the second length of cord and her right arm.
Gaige (Pinoso) Then she used the third cord to pull her elbows back and tie them together.
Correau (Callian) In this position, Shelby's perfect young breasts were thrust forward, totally unprotected.
Peraro (Korba) She couldn't move her hands to protect herself, and while she could stand up, her ankles were attached to the stool.
Brunnemer (Meridian Hills) Whatever punishment this woman would devise, Shelby knew she was at her mercy.
Rei (Bykov) She was holding a pair of plastic clothes pins, the squeeze clip type.
Rushenberg (Navas del Rey) Whatever was in her right hand, Fran emptied into her pocket, so Shelby didn't know if she made a good choice.
Declouette (Mosinee) The clips went onto her nipples and Shelby felt the pain almost immediately.
Creveling (Le Palais) Then Fran stood behind her and began to press and rub Shelby's breasts.
Cherebin (Giohar) Over and over and over again.
Allocco (Savarsin) But now Fran Morgan was doing just that, causing Shelby incredible pleasure.
Monahan (Sartaguda) So far Shelby had not been disappointed.
Galentine (Sharkowshchyna) First Fran had caressed her breasts gently, teased her nipples to make them hard.
Paiva (Pamplona) Then Fran squeezed her nipples harder and harder until Shelby gasped.
Vandawalker (Boom) That wasn't a very smart thing to do, so she just sat there.
Berkich (Juelsminde) Maybe three times in all.
Fillip (Joane) And the dull ache of the clips on her nipples was no longer pleasurable.
Castlen (Asuncion Nochixtlan) She wondered if Fran was watching her, if she was taping this, if Fran had her on a video.
Rickford (Sankrail) Then the lights came back on, too bright.
Cambero (Provost) Then she heard the sound, looked up and saw the rope being lowered from overhead beam.
Neeley (Blazovice) While it looked awkward, Shelby realized that most of the lifting would be done by the strap around her chest.
Vodicka (Khorram Darreh) It was very large, at least 24 inches long, enough to open Shelby up very wide.
Digirolamo (Aguas de Lindoia) Quickly Fran attached it to the ankle cuffs.
Allhands (Suihua) Then she used the control box to raise the line attached to her chest harness.
Mandley (Aguadulce) She only needed to lift Shelby six inches off the floor and she could feel the fear beginning.
Elser (San Jose) Then Shelby was suspended almost vertically.
Hime (Clinton) She was leaning slightly forward in the harness, her tits thrust forward.
Fratrick (Pyrgos) There is something about being off the ground, suspended, that Shelby found terrifying.
Buster (Sacavem) Again, she did her mind reading trick: It will be worse when I turn you up side down.
Knauss (Sarubera) But there was enough to hold onto.
Goolman (Sigli) She relaxed the grip and then squeezed again.
Dziduch (Pteleos) Then a finger in Shelby's cunt to test for wetness. Good, we're making progress. Shelby's cunt was like a lake.
Vandergrift (Soke) She slapped first from the left, then from the right, finally straight across each breast directly on the nipple.
Olbrish (Ennenda) She didn't need to hit hard, just a flick of the wrist.
Faruolo (Nerima) Please. Fran didn't reply.
Macvicar (Villa d'Alme) Instead, she picked up the control box and lowered a second line from the overhead beam.
Matsushita (Goldthwaite) These she hooked to the spreader bar.
Dodoo (Gweru) Using the control box, she began to slowly raise Shelby's legs.
Gloeckner (Rakoczifalva) Then Fran lowered the line attached to the chest harness.
Kint (Tanguieta) Then she raised Shelby straight up, until she was about five feet off the ground.
Gabouer (Voskevaz) The nipple clips came out of Fran's pocket, one at a time, and she put them back in place on Shelby's nipples.
Pelczar (Duquesne) Without listening to Shelby's protest, Fran picked up the control and began to lower Shelby's head.

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